Choosing the right campaign objective is incredibly important. But which one do you choose to give you the best results as there are so many options?

Depending on what objective you choose, Facebook will optimise to show your ad to people most likely to fulfil the objective chosen. I am going to run through them all now, so you have a better understanding of which one is right for you. 

Traffic – Choose this objective to drive people to any URL of your choice, e.g. your website, a blog post etc

Engagement – This is a popular choice and is used for getting people to engage with your posts with comments, shares and page likes.

App Installs – If you have an app that you want to promote, this is the objective for you.

Video Views – when choosing this objective, Facebook will optimise reach people most likely to watch your video. You can choose what to optimise and pay depending on how long they viewed your video for.

Lead Generation – one of my personal favourites! Get leads without sending them to your website or landing page. Facebook generate a lead form which allows you to collate leads. This is an effective choice if your website needs a bit of an overhaul!

Message – Here you generate ads that have a call to action of ‘message’ which then links to your Facebook messenger. Top tip: you need to be quick off the mark here and reply to any messages asap.

Conversions – This is a highly effective objective. You will need to have the Facebook pixel installed on your site which is essentially a piece of tracking code. It sounds complicated, it really isn’t. From there you can track the people who have clicked on your ad and completed whatever task you have asked them to complete.

If you are looking to increase sales, sign-ups, purchases or something else this is the ad for you.

Catalogue Sales – do you have an e-commerce site? If you do, this objective is for you. You will need to integrate your catalogue into Facebook, but once done, Facebook is able to target people most likely to buy off you and you can set it up to then retarget people who have shown interest but not bought. A really clever ad objective designed for e-commerce businesses.

Brand awareness – Personally, I would avoid this objectives. WHY? Because they are for the bigger brands who are just going for brand awareness and not looking to get the clicks, page likes or conversions.

Reach – The same for this objective to. This is used show your ad to the maximum amount of people according to you budget. It will optimise for the highest amount of impressions. It is not optimising for the viewer to action anything. So again, this is for the bigger brands.

I hope this has helped you decided what is the best objective for your Facebook ads campaign.

By Natasha Fitzpatrick

Natasha is Facebook Ads Strategist specialising in helping businesses increase sales and generate leads.

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