In your personal life, do you like to waste money? So why would you do it in your business?

When you run a business, every penny needs to be accounted for and that’s why you NEED the Facebook pixel if you are going to run Facebook ads.

What is the pixel?

Essentially, it’s a piece of code that Facebook generates for you and is unique to your business. It is placed on the backend of your website. Any website developer can do this very easily for you.

The pixel will then allow you to track your website visitors from your Facebook ads. You can also set it up to show where they are going to within your website.

Let me give you an example.

You are running an ad for a course membership. You are essentially selling your course. You are selling this on your website, across your social media channels, to your existing mailing list and you are running a Facebook ads campaign. After 1 week you have had 64 sales. Which of these channels worked and worked the best? Hmmmmm…not sure?

If the Facebook pixel was installed, you could see exactly how many sales came from your ad campaign, including from what ad creative. You can then work out what ad creatives are working better than other and what ones need new creative or just turning off.

It makes sense to have the pixel for this alone, doesn’t it? It allows you use your advertising budget wisely and not waste any money.

But this is not just what the pixel is about. The pixel is constantly learning and understanding who your ideal clients are from the information it has gathered from your past customers who have bought off you. It is learning more and more and knows what ‘types’ of people are most likely to do the action you have asked them to do, in this case to buy the course. It will then start feeding the ads out to more relevant people, thus increasing your sales but lowering your cost.

Its genius right?

Your takeaway from this?

Get that pixel installed before you start any Facebook campaign – otherwise you are wasting your money.

By Natasha Fitzpatrick

Natasha is Facebook Ads Strategist specialising in helping businesses increase sales and generate leads.

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