facebook/instagram ads management

When it comes to Facebook ads, we know what we are talking about. All our team are fully trained as Facebook Ads Strategists. This means we can run continuous campaigns and one-off short-term campaigns depending on the client needs. 

Facebook have 2.9 billion monthly users. 65% of them log in daily on mobile devices and desktop. It is a great hunting ground for your ideal customer. They know a lot about their users which in turn means your advertising can be laser targeted. A well-managed Facebook campaign can bring some highly effective results. 

The path to running Facebook ads with us

Step 1 – We will have a meeting over Zoom to discuss your business and exactly what the objectives are for your campaign. We will work through the plan for your campaign, including any sales funnels that need setting up. We will ask you to complete our on-boarding questionnaire. This gives us all the details we need to run an effective campaign that is completely tailored to your business.

Step 2 – Then you step back and leave it to us! We will do all the research to build your audiences and set up your ad creatives. If the Facebook pixel needs to be set up on your website, we will do that then.

Step 3 – This is when it gets exciting, and the ads start running. This is the most important part of the process as we will be testing all elements of the campaign. Once we’ve done the testing, we don’t stop there, we will then start optimising and scaling.

Step 4 – Rest assured, throughout this campaign we will be observing your ads daily and providing a report at the end of the month.

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Account Build – We will work with you to either set up your brand-new ad account and campaigns or review the existing campaigns whilst setting up new ones.

Tracking – We will ensure that all tracking is set up and working correctly so we can see how successful the ads have been. Once we have a healthy return on investment, we use this information to scale your campaigns.

Audience Research – We will work with you to nail your target audience so your ads speak to them.

Ad Creation – We will create several ads so that we can test them against each other. Our job is keep testing new copy so that we can identify highly converting ads.

Optimising & Scaling – Once we have a healthy return on investment, we use this information to optimise and scale your campaigns.

Reporting – monthly we will provide an in-depth report showing you how your campaigns have performed and what we have achieved for you.

If you would like to speak further, just book an appointment in our meeting diary or drop me a line on 07415 128726.

Natasha has achieved excellent Return On Ad Spend and keeps on pushing for more interesting strategies to move our campaigns forward. Easy to work with and reliable – what more does a small business need?

Helen Edwards - Director at East End Prints

"I run an aesthetic business and have been working with Natasha at Satsuma Digital. She has helped to redesign my website so that it better reflects my business and I could not be more happy with the final result. She has really understood my business and helped to create a clearer branding for me. She has also helped to create a social media presence for me and better reach my target audience. She is hard working and extremely organised and has been a pleasure to work with.

Dr Kate, Dr. Kate Aesthetics, London

We had been trying to recruit using Facebook as we had recently expanded our business in lots of new areas. Unfortunately, we had limited or no success. We were recommended Natasha at Satsuma Digital.  Natasha took over the ad account with great success. Within 7 weeks we has over 500 applicants all of which had been prequalified. She made the process so simple and was a pleasure to work with. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending her to anyone who would like to run Facebook ads for their business.

Damien Gallagher, Director, Realtime Civil Engineering Ltd, London

I’ve been working with Satsuma Digital for over a month now and am thrilled with the results. Natasha is amazing! Knows her stuff, is patient with my questions and I can’t believe how well the campaign she set up is going. Can’t wait to see what the next 3 months bring. Thank you Natasha for being so awesome to work with!

Holly Lang

Owner, Elements Online Yoga, Canada

‘We have worked with Satsuma Digital for the past year. We tasked them with running our LinkedIn account as we simply did not have the time or the knowledge. They have achieved great results and are a pleasure to work with. We would recommend Satsuma Digital to anyone that needs to build their social media presence from scratch.’

Nick Powers

DirectorVillage Partnerships